Syrian Kurdish party leader urges KDP to end ties with Turkey as soon as possible

Kamal Sheikh Baghi, secretary general of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to end its ties with the Turkish government and "join the people of Kurdistan."

The Turkish government's attacks on the northern regions of Iraqi Kurdistan, which began on April 23, still continues.
The Turkish government is trying to achieve its desired result in this war by showing the KDP is backing the operation.
According to Hawarnews, Kamal Sheikh Baghi, secretary general of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (PDKS), said that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was a partner in the Turkish government's attacks and called on the party to end the relationship as soon as possible.
Sheikh Baghi said that the KDP had been surrendered to Turkey for years and therefore it could not do anything.
"If the KDP stands against the occupation, the Kurdish people are ready to stand by the party," he said. "The KDP must protect the achievements of the Kurdish people. Turkey is now destroying the Kurdish liberation movement in Iraqi Kurdistan. The KDP should not recognize the demands of the Turkish government. The Kurdistan freedom movement has been fighting for the Kurdish people for 40 years. The KDP band people from protesting against the Turkish government and is deceiving the people."
"We do not want a civil war in Kurdistan," Sheikh Baghi said, noting that "Kurdish intellectuals have repeatedly called on the KDP to sever ties with the Turkish government, but the KDP is still cooperating with Turkey. The Turkish government is working on this. No one should be deceived by this game. This possible war will only benefit the enemy."
Sheikh Baghi reminded that the forces of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) are present in Kurdistan within the framework of an agreement made in 1990 between the PKK, the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (KDP) in Qandil, adding that "Now why this agreement is ignored They must support the interests of the Kurdish people."
"The KDP has been accepted by the Turkish government because it is against the PKK," he said. "[Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan is now aiding the KDP, but his first goal is to destroy the Kurdish liberation movement. After the PKK, Turkey will go to the KDP. The Turkish government is also attacking Libya. It wants these lands to be occupied as well. Turkey wants to annex from Kirkuk to Mosul to its territory."
"The Iraqi government is going through a critical period, so it did not show a serious reaction to the Turkish government," added Sheikh Baghi, who said the Iraqi government's response to the Turkish invasion of Kurdistan was very weak. It is an inefficient government. "On the other hand, the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government is loyal to the Turkish government."
However, people can take to the streets and resist the occupation. Some people who call themselves Kurdistani are also silent. Sooner or later, these people will raise their voices against the occupier." Sheikh Baghi further added.
"The KDP can deceive people to some extent. But over time, the truth will be revealed," Sheikh Baghi concluded.
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