KRG delegation goes back to Baghdad today

<p style="text-align: left;">Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) confirmed on Saturday, the position of the Kurdish political forces regarding the passage of the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kadhimi in the Iraqi parliament.

&ldquo;Until now, there is a close agreement among all Iraqi political forces, to vote on the new government, headed by Mustafa Al-Kadhimi,&rdquo; noting that &ldquo;it is not possible or reasonable that the Shiite political forces cannot agree on the third Prime Minister-designate for the purpose of passing it, and this is why there is an intention to pass Al-Kadhimi in Parliament,&rdquo; The party&rsquo;s deputy, Diyar Barwari told Shafaq News.

"The Kurdish political forces are in agreement with the Shiite political house. The position of the Kurdish forces is related to the position of the Shiite forces,&rdquo; he added.

Al-Fateh Alliance confirmed earlier that the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will present the amended cabinet to the political forces before they are presented to the parliament.

Al-Kadhimi submitted a list of the names of the candidates for the cabinet to the political forces during a meeting held on Thursday.

As Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) deputy Ribwar Karim stated that "A high-level delegation from KRG will visit on Sunday, the capital Baghdad, to complete dialogues with the federal government on salaries and dues of the region."

He added that "the delegation will meet during its visit, Deputy Prime Minister, Oil Minister Thamer Al-Ghadban, Finance Minister Fuad Hussein and a number of officials and leaders of political blocs."

Karim pointed out that "the delegation will focus during its visits on completing dialogues and files related to the center and the region, including the salaries of employees and the region's dues in the general budget."

KRG reported that its delegation returned to Erbil on Friday after "positive" discussions in Baghdad.

The government said in a statement received that KRG delegation returned to Erbil after positive discussions with Iraqi government officials in Baghdad regarding the outstanding differences between the two sides.

"Although the meetings took place in a complex and problematic period but the atmosphere was positive&rdquo;.

KRG indicated that "the meetings are scheduled to resume next week to present many proposals to solve the outstanding problems between the region and the federal government, especially on the issues of oil and the budget."

The delegation of the region had arrived on Tuesday evening to Baghdad and held, on Wednesday and Thursday, two rounds of discussions with the Iraqi government, as well as consultations with leaders and officials of Iraqi political parties on resolving the outstanding differences between Baghdad and Erbil.

The visit came days after the Iraqi government cut the salaries of employees of Kurdistan Region after it said that the region had not fulfilled its obligations in the financial budget represented by the delivery of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the federal government.

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