State of Law Coalition says won’t vote for PM-designate’s cabinet

<p style="text-align: left;">The State of Law Coalition said in a statement on Sunday, May 3, that they will abstain from voting in the Council of Representatives for Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kadhimi&amp;rsquo;s new cabinet and they refuse to participate in the government if the cabinet passes the vote.

&ldquo;We made great effort with the other political blocs to form the new government in order to address and solve the major challenges and problems that Iraq is facing … But the process of forming the new government began to take a different course from what was agreed upon previously which urged us to take extra efforts in order to correct the list of nominated candidates that have competence, integrity, and leadership capabilities,&rdquo; the statement said.

According to NRT the Law Coalition said that some of the candidates do not have the specific requirements for the positions which oppose the will of the Iraqi people and due to that they will abstain from voting on al-Kadhimi&rsquo;s cabinet.

Al-Kadhimi is the third Prime Minister-designate candidate to be nominated since Adil Abdul Mahdi submitted his resignation letter to the Council of Representatives and it was accepted on December 1, 2019.

Besides al-Kadhimi, Iraqi President Barham Salih has nominated Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi and Adnan al-Zurfi to form a new government, but each failed to attract enough support from the parties to survive a vote of confidence in parliament.

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