Kurdish political parties support talks among Syrian Kurdish parties, official tells KurdPress

<p style="text-align: left;">A member of the Leadership Council of the Syrian Kurdistan Left Party stated that both the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) as well as the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) support negotiations between parties in the self-democratic governing system and the Kurdish National Council and the situation is an opportunity to unite the Syrian Kurdish parties.

Fathullah Hussein stated in an interview with KurdPress that the Kurdish National Union Party was formed from 25 democratic parties participating in self-ruling system in the north of Syria. These parties are among the most active political movements in Syrian Kurdistan, which have joined the union to make unified political decisions in the political negotiations with the other parties.

Referring to the negotiations between the Union and the Kurdish National Council (ENKS), Fattah said: "At present, four satisfactory talks have been held between the party members of the Union and the ENKS and a good mutual understanding have occurred in the negotiations."

The Syrian Kurdish official who is also a member of Syrian Kurdistan representative office in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq added that since 2013, the ENKS is a part of the Syrian opposition, and since 2014, a number of parties and movements in the Kurdish self-ruling authority in North and East Syria have been formed and the situation has raised some differences.

Reiterating on continuing the negotiations in Syrian Kurdistan territory, Hussein stated: "This time, one of the most important issues in negotiations between the ENKS and the parties in the democratic self-management system is to hold meetings inside the Syrian Kurdish region and this is a great achievement for the Kurdish parties.

He further pointed out that the offices of the parties in the Union have been reopened in Syria Kurdistan and this movement has no problem with the activities of its parties.

Hussein referred to the situation of the ENKS in the talks and stressed that the relationship between the ENKS and Syria's opposition has weakened AS several individuals who have identified themselves as independent Kurdish politicians, have turned into the rival of the ENKS in the Syrian opposition.

He continued to say that both the KDP and the PUK, As well as the PKK, support the negotiations and it is an opportunity for Syrian Kurdish parties.

Turkey is unhappy with the progress of the negotiations and the presence of the ENKS in the negotiations, but it is imperative for the Kurdish political parties in Syria to adopt a unified approach towards the situation in Syria Kurdistan and therefore hold talks with the other players at home and abroad, as well as attend the Geneva negotiations.

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