Party leader expresses pessimism over a possible ENKS and PYD agreement

<p style="text-align: left;">A member of Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (Al-Party) political office stated that he is not optimistic about a possible deal between the Syrian Kurdish parties of Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) in northern Syria.

The two Kurdish parties held a round of talks last month in order to set differences aside and make a deal over the way to control the region and have a united policy in the region.

Hussein Mostu, a member of al-Party, told KurdPress that reports over a deal in the first phase of the negotiations between the ENKS and the PYD are not true, revealing that nothing has happened between the two sides and they have not achieved a deal yet.

He continued as saying that his party hopes the two sides will reach an agreement, but there are many serious problems between them that will make an agreement less possible.

"We do not say that there is no agreement. But we think the negotiations, originally planned by a popular will and then by pressure from Western countries, do not enjoy the two sides&rsquo; willingness to talk as both the ENKS and the PYD were not ready for dialogue,&rdquo; he said, adding that the situation makes an agreement between the two sides very unlikely.

Mostu further added that the talks begin at the request of General Mazloum Kobani, the General Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

He expressed his hope that the two sides will reach an agreement, but &ldquo;there are many serious problems between them that will blur their agreement.&rdquo;

The member of (al-Party) political office explained further told KurdPress that the second phase is very difficult for the two sides to reach an agreement, as the ENKS wants to talk to the PYD, but the later wants other Kurdish parties to participate in the talks.

Underscoring that the other strong and popular Kurdish parties are needed to participate in the negotiations, Mostu noted: "the ENKS can invite other Kurdish parties, such as Pishraw party and the Kurdish Unity (Wahda), in order to make a common decision for the future of the Kurds in Syria.

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