Trump wants to pullout US troop from Iraq and Syria: advisor

<p style="text-align: left;">An advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump stated the president is willing to withdraw American troops from Iraq and Syria.

In an interview with Al-Ma&rsquo;alomeh news site, Gabriel Soma, a U.S. President Adviser for Middle Eastern Affairs, said Trump is willing to pullout his country's troops from Iraq and Syria.

Referring to the strategic talks between Iraq and the United States, Soma said: The dialogue between American and Iraqi governments is not at a high level, but rather is limited to the two governments. The dialogue between the two sides will take a long time to discuss some issues, which may exceed several months.

The adviser emphasized Washington and Baghdad are keen on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, however, they have not set a timetable for the move, pointing out that Trump also wants the military to withdrawal from Syria as well.

The Iraqi and U.S. governments said in a joint statement last Friday morning that a strategic dialogue was launched between the two countries on Thursday through a Video Conference, in which the two sides discussed several issues including security, combatting terrorism, economy and energy, political and cultural relations. The talks were conducted within the 2008 Strategic Framework Agreement.

According to the statement, the United States has once again stressed the respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and the relevant decisions made by the legislative and executive branches, pointing out that it is not trying to establish permanent bases or permanent military presence in the country.

Baghdad and Washington also confirmed that the U.S. will continue to reduce the number of its troops in Iraq in the coming months and discussed the status of the remaining forces, while the two countries will focus on developing a normal security relationship based on common interests.

The Iraqi government, for its part, pledged to protect the U.S.-led international anti-IS military forces and their host sites in line with the international laws.

Baghdad and Washington also discussed plans to return archaeological and political archives of the disbanded Baath Party to Iraq. They confirmed that the meeting of the Supreme Co-ordination Committee for Strategic Dialogue between the two countries, scheduled for next month in the U.S. capital, will seek further talks on all issues.

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