President says Iran will not witness economic collapse

<p style="text-align: left;">Underling the ability of the CBI in controlling forex rates and in the fight against enemies' psychological warfare, the Iranian President assured on Sunday that the country's economy will not collapse.

In his remarks during the government economic committee meeting, Rouhani named the recent fluctuations in foreign currency rates, gold coin prices, and the capital market indices as the main tools of the enemies' psychological warfare against Iran's economy.

He referred to the maximum pressure campaign against Iran and said that the enemies seek to fail Iran's planned 'non-oil economy'.

"Enemies have seriously challenged Iran's oil exports and impeded the country's access to its foreign financial resources," Rouhani said, "But they try to suggest that Iran's non-oil economy plan has failed and the Iranian economy is breaking down under the imposed sanctions."

"Enemies refer to fluctuations of prices and forex rates in Iran as a proof for our failure, however, the main economic indices illustrate that their anti-Iranian policies have not been practical," he added.

According to Mehr News Agency the Iranian President said that forex rates are 'under control' in Iran.

"In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic has halted imports and exports of goods but the situation will go back to normal within the next few months and we will witness a stable economy and market," Rouhani vowed.

In his earlier remarks Rouhani had said that despite being under the thoughts of US sanctions and America's 'economic terrorism', Iran is destined to develop its economy.

Rouhani added that while the country has been dealing with the coronavirus, it could manage to experience a boom in its stock market indices with the participation of the people.

He named making domestic markets transparent as one of the pivotal goals of the government.

On Sunday, a number of legislators in the Iranian Parliament drafted a question for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani which is going to be submitted to the Parliament&rsquo;s Presiding Board.

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