Teenagers won’t be recruited, Turkey is using water terrorism

<p style="text-align:left">The chief of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Euphrates region stated that the PYD is a political party and not a military one, and it does not accept individuals who are under eighteen as members of the Party, let alone recruiting them in the military.

Bakr Haj Issa, communications officer of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Euphrates region denied claims by the opposition parties , including the Syria Kurdistan National Council (ENKS), that the PYD forces teenagers to serve as forces in the People's Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), adding that these remarks are not welcoming at a time that Syrian Kurds are in negotiations and &ldquo;The enemies of the Kurdish people want not create disputes in the ranks of the Kurds through these accusations.&rdquo;

He continued: &ldquo;The Democratic Union Party is a political party and not a military one, and those who are under eighteen years are not accepted as members in the party.&rdquo;

He added: "A special psychological warfare has started against the Democratic Union Party and this psychological warfare claim that the Security Forces of Asayish and People's Protection Units (YPG) are parts of the PYD, but this is not the case, and the Democratic Union Party is merely a political movement, and military forces are a part of the system in the Syrian Kurdistan which are comprised of the whole society."

Bakr Haj-Issa explained that these statements are only intended to make a bad image from the self-management system in the north and east of Syria. &ldquo;The Democratic Union Party is only one of the political movements in the system. There are various institutions in the Authority, including medical, cultural, political and military, and they will not accept anyone who is under the age of eighteen.&rdquo;

The PYD has taken many measures in Syrian Kurdistan as a political movement and has tried to rebuild cities and schools after their destruction so that children and students will not leave their education and language learning, the PYD official further told KurdPress in the interview.

Bakr Haj Issa noted that the Democratic Union Party is trying to establish cultural and social institutions in Syrian Kurdistan and is against any use of children in military forces before they arrive the legal age, and any comments in this regard are attempts against the PYD and its efforts in the region.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) communications officer in the Euphrates region stated about the Turkish attempt in cutting off the water of the Hasaka region that: &ldquo;The water and wind and other energies are natural energies, and no government has the right to cut them off on other nations.

The Turkish government has turned to "water terrorism", he continued, and stated that by cutting off the Euphrates water, Turkey wants to press the Kurds and the Syrian and Iraqi people, and &ldquo;hegemony&rdquo; is the only goal behind the attempt.

"The Turkish government seeks political pressure not only by cutting off the Euphrates water, but by cutting the water of "Aluk", and it has put the lives of one million people in danger," the official further told KurdPress.

He explained: &ldquo;The Turkish government has is defeated. It has suffered severe blows both in Syria, Libya, and Heftanin. Germany and France have made remarks against the Turkish actions.&rdquo;

Bakr Haj Issa ultimately said: "The Turkish aggression into Syrian Kurdistan was not legitimate, and everyone opposed it. Today, the Arab countries are opposed to the Turkish actions in Libya.

He stressed that the Turkish government is in a great crisis and it is in a state of deadlock, both politically and economically.

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