Turkey won’t attack Syrian Kurdistan without green light from US: official

<p style="text-align: left;">A member of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (Al-Party) political school believes that new Turkish attacks on Syrian Kurdistan is a dire threat, and Turkey will strike the Kurds again if world powers pave the way for Ankara.

Turkey has a lot of political and economic interests in Syrian Kurdistan and any new Ankara adventure is not impossible, Hussein Mostu told KurdPress about the possibility of a new Turkish invasion into northern Syria:

He continued as saying that Turkey wants not to see the Kurds in Syria and does not believe in anything political rights for the Kurds.

The other reality is that Turkey likes to takeover northern Syria completely if the conditions are met, the politician said.

Mr. Mostu reiterated that the threat of a new Turkey attack on Syrian Kurdistan is imminent and Turkey will strike the Kurdish region again if the world powers make the conditions, noting that any Turkey attack on Syrian Kurdistan is unlikely without the green light from the United States.

He stressed: The U.S. is also acting based on its interests, and any green light to Turkey to attack the Kurds is in line serving the interests of both sides.

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