U.S. welcomes Syrian Kurdish agreement, party leader tells KurdPress

<p style="text-align: left;">The head of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party stated that the United States and world powers welcome an agreement among the Kurdish parties in northern Syria.

"The presence of world powers in the negotiations of the Syrian Kurdish political parties means that talks will end in a result," the party leader Shallal Gado told KurdPress in an interview.

Referring to the future of negotiations between the Kurdish political bloc in Syria, he: &ldquo;Both I and my party as well as the Syrian Kurdish Council (ENKS), which our party is a member, hope that negotiations between the Kurdish movements will succeed."

Shallal Gado continued: "We hope that in a short period of time, these discussions between the council and the Kurdish Patriot Parties will have a good outcome because the Western parties are also supervising these negotiations."

The head of the Syrian Kurdish party stated: &ldquo;Everyone knows that the United States is in the process of these negotiations, along with France, Britain and Germany.&rdquo;

"No doubt whenever these powers are present in the Kurdish-Kurdish negotiations, this means that the talks will lead to a result," he added.

Shallal Gado said: "We are ready as the ENKS to make an agreement, and we hope the other side will be in serious the negotiations."

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