US starts constructing largest air- land base in Syrian Kurdistan

<p style="text-align: left;">The U.S. has begun a project to build its largest and most strategic air- land base in Syrian Kurdistan.

The United States has begun the construction of a project to build its largest and most strategic base in Syrian Kurdistan, a politician in Syria Kurdistan told BasNews.

The Syrian Kurdish politician who refused to be identified told the BasNews news agency: "The United States will execute a large-scale project in the Shaddadi district of Hasakeh province. To build the base, the U.S. has bought a large land from Sheikh Ali Hamad Al-Assad, a landlord in the region. The United States has been buying lands around the base to develop its existing base in Shadadi and make a permanent air and land base.&rdquo;

According to the source the base will be America's largest strategic base in Syria. Shaddadi is considered a strategic center in northern Syria as it is at the heart of Hasakeh and Deir Ezzor. "It is an area that is highly rich in both oil reserves and gas fields. From the west it goes to the Iraqi borders and to the Turkish border from the east, which makes conducting any attack from the center possible."

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