Reconciliation process expanding in Syria Kurdish-controlled region

<p style="text-align: left;">Referring to recent agreements between Kurdish movements and various Christian political fronts in the Kurdish-controlled region of Syria, National Review has described northeastern Syria as a good example of ruling in comparison with the situation in other parts of the country.

The National Review magazine reports on the situation in different parts of Syria. This political magazine also takes a look at the agreements reached between various political movements in the Kurdish-controlled region of war-torn Syria.
The National Review noted that the Syrian Kurds still control a large part of Syrian territory after two Turkish military attacks on the Kurds, and called efforts to reconcile the various Kurdish movements a positive step towards further stabilization.
The magazine referred to the initial agreement between the ruling Kurdish faction in Syria led by the PYD and the Syrian Kurdish National Council and the start of the second round of talks between the two Kurdish factions over the reconciliation process between the two main Christian factions in the Syrian Kurdish-controlled region.
Referring to the successful reconciliation process between the dominant Syrian Syriac Union Party and the Syrian Assyrian Democratic Organization, the National Review described the efforts as a positive step in the convergence of different ethnic and religious groups in the Syrian Kurdish-controlled region.
The magazine further wrote that the Syrian Kurds have succeeded in creating reconciliation and peace in northeastern Syria, and this convergence is unparalleled compared to other parts of the country.
However, it has been warned that the democratic process in the Kurdish-controlled region of Syria is not yet widespread, and the ruling parties may want to re-establish the hegemonic process of the past by consolidating their power base.
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