PKK is ready to negotiate with KDP: Bahoz Erdal

A member of the command council of the HPG headquarters, Bahoz Erdal said in a statement that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is ready to negotiate with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on the current disputes between the two sides, adding that the KDP has entered the PKK-controlled areas with heavy weapons to go to war.

Referring to recent developments in Kurdistan Region and tensions between the KDP and the PKK Bahoz Erdal said: "Gulan forces, affiliated with Masrour Barzani (Kurdistan Region Prime Minister and a leading member of the KDP), along with the Roj Peshmerga forces trained by the Turkish government were sent to the Gara and Mitna lines, which was the reason behind the recent military clashes. The PKK-affiliated forces did not conduct any operations against the areas controlled by the Peshmerga forces. It was the Peshmerga forces who, with all their heavy weapons, tried to enter the areas controlled by the PKK in a fully operational manner. Let everyone know that PKK forces have not attacked Peshmerga forces in Duhok and Zakho.

"Also, the PKK has not and will not carry out any attacks on the positions of the security forces in the Kurdistan region. Such a thing has not happened. The Peshmerga forces, with all their heavy weapons, armored vehicles and ammunition, demanded to enter the area as part of a military operation. This action caused a conflict. Let all the Kurdish people know this; an attempt is being made to present the image that the PKK forces have left their bases and attacked the areas where the Peshmerga forces were present. This is not true at all," the HPG official added.

HPG is an umbrella organization that includes the PKK and some other forces and organizations.

Erdal went on to add that "larger incidents would undoubtedly have taken place if the headquarters had not taken the necessary interventions. We do not want a war at all. We do not want a war, for whatever reason, against Kurdish forces. We know very well from what happened that all the Kurdish people are upset, but let everyone know that we are not responsible for what happened. If you enter the area with heavy weapons and armored vehicles, it means that you have come to fight. The KDP desire for war led to this conflict."

According to the Euphrates News Agency, Erdal continued his remarks by referring to recent messages sent by political parties, organizations and civil society organizations to resolve issues based on negotiation and dialogue: "Everyone should know that we are not in favor of war. We do not see the interests of the people in the war and we declare this explicitly. We are ready to start a dialogue at any time, but this question should also be asked from the KDP. Are you ready to negotiate? Look at the wars in Karabakh and Libya, despite the fact that they are enemies of each other, they sit around the table and reach an agreement."

The leading Kurdish official of the HPG went on to add that: "Although we are not enemies of each other, why can't we start the process of negotiation and dialogue? I declare openly that we do not consider the Peshmerga forces of Iraqi Kurdistan as our enemy. We also evaluate all parties and movements as an achievement for Kurdistan. That is why we are ready to negotiate at any time, but are they also ready? If they are ready, we will sit around the table tomorrow and find a solution to all our problems and issues. Why is it necessary to deploy so many troops in the region? Instead of all this military spending, isn't it better to spend it on the welfare of the people?"

"We know them because we fought alongside the Peshmerga forces against ISIS in Shingal, Makhmur, Erbil and Kirkuk," Erdal said in a message to the Peshmerga commanders, adding that "We also know that many Peshmerga commanders do not want to fight against the PKK. Because they saw with their own eyes that the PKK is not a threat to Kurdistan. What we ask of them is: Do not be deceived by those who insist on war at the behest of Turkey. Because this war will be of no use to the Peshmerga, to the people of the Kurdistan Region, or to any other Kurd. Only Erdogan - Bahceli, and (Turkey ruling) Justice and Development Party - the Turkish National Movement Party (MHP led by Devlet Behceli) will benefit from this war."

"Why should the Peshmerga enter a war that is only in the interest of Erdogan and Bahceli? That is why all Peshmerga commanders must think well. Why fight their brothers who fought on the same front until yesterday? Remember that you suffered heavy casualties in the fight against ISIS in Makhmur. When your commanders asked the PKK for help, it was the PKK forces who immediately came to your aid and the people," Erdal also said.

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