Iraqi representative asks Fuad Hussein about the appointment of his office manager’s relatives

<p style="text-align: left;">A member of the Iraqi parliament wrote a letter to the Iraqi Kurdish Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, asking him about the reasons for hiring two relatives of Loghman Fili, the director of the minister's office.

According to Al-Maluma, Hamed Mousavi, the head of the Iraqi Parliament's Subcommittee on Exploitation, sent an official letter to the Foreign Minister asking for an explanation about the employment of two relatives of the director of his office in the minister's office.

In this letter addressed to Fuad Hussein, it is requested for explanation about the reasons and justifications for hiring Haidar Khedir and Mohammad Khedir, two the relatives of Loghman Fili, director of Fuad Hussein's office.

Mousavi considers this to be contrary to the current instructions of the government and the parliament regarding the non-employment of relatives in administrative positions close to the ministers and one of the areas of corruption and strengthening the dominance of families over the posts and ministries.

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