Belgian delegation visits Syrian Kurdish self-ruling region

A delegation from Belgium made a visit to Syrian Kurdistan where it held talks with the officials of the self-ruling administration.

Member of the Belgian Federal Parliament and Chairman of the Group of Friends of the Iraqi Parliament, Georges Dalmagni, visited the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, accompanied by a delegation that included Philippe Vanstinquisti, director of the International Association V-Europe, the Association of Victims of Terrorism, and member of the Board of Directors of the French Association For Victims of Terrorism AFVT, EU RAN and Leader of the Action Group for Victims of Terrorism.

The delegation was received by the co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations, Abdul Karim Omar, and the two Deputy Chairmanship of the Department of Foreign Relations, Fanar al-Kait and Abeer Elia, at the department's headquarters in Qamishlo, city, during the visit.

Omar stressed that "the Autonomous Administration is excluded from international meetings held in order to solve the Syrian dilemma, such as the Geneva meetings and the Constitutional Committee, following the Turkish veto, and he explained that Turkish threats are still continuing against the people of north and east Syria, and the main goal is to destabilize security and stability. "The region, and that this contributes to the reorganizing of ISIS within the region.”

Omar pointed out that "Turkish violations and crimes in the occupied areas such as Afrin, Gri Spi and Sari Kani, including killings, kidnappings, rape, targeting archaeological sites, and changing the demographics of those areas, violate all international laws and norms."

Omar touched upon the Turkish policies against the components of the region during the meeting, and explained, "The Turkish occupation state has expelled thousands of Afrin residents from their cities and villages, especially the Yazidi component, and in the city of Sari Kani, all components were targeted, Kurds, Arabs and Christians, and thousands of them were displaced following the attacks." Therefore, the Autonomous Administration has opened several camps to house these displaced people.”

In his turn, the member of the Belgian Federal Parliament and the head of the Friends of the Iraqi Parliament Group, Georges Dalmagni, expressed his happiness for the return of the Autonomous Administration of some Belgian citizens who were among the families of ISIS mercenaries, stressing the existence of a close relationship between them and the Autonomous Administration, and expecting to expand the horizons of cooperation between the authorities of his country and the Autonomous Administration.

And he said: "The whole world is now talking about the great struggle that the people of the region presented to defend its people and liberate them from the brutality of ISIS mercenaries."

Last Wednesday, the autonomous administration handed over a number of children and wives of ISIS members to German and Danish delegations.

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