Syrian Human Rights Watch says US, Syrian Kurdish forces resume joint patrols

According to the Human Rights Watch report in Syria, joint patrols of Syrian Kurdish forces and American military personnel have resumed in the provinces of Hasaka and Deir ez-Zor.

The Human Rights Watch in Syria has reported an escalation in American military activities in areas under the control of Syrian Kurds, especially the resumption of joint patrols with Syrian Democratic Forces in the provinces of Hasaka and Deir ez-Zor. According to these reports, in the past week, two joint patrols of American military personnel and Syrian Kurdish forces have been conducted near the town of Qahitaniyah in Hasaka province and the town of Al-Suhail in eastern Deir ez-Zor province. 

These patrols are conducted in order to combat forces affiliated with ISIS. American forces also periodically conduct joint patrols with Turkish forces along the Turkish-Syrian border strip. At the same time, a larger number of American military convoys have entered these areas through the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

According to the American magazine The Cradle, the US military has established more than 20 military bases in areas under the control of Syrian Kurds, especially near the oil and gas fields controlled by them. American forces intervened militarily in Syria in 2014 following the siege of the Kurdish city of Kobani by ISIS. 

After the bombing of ISIS positions in Kobani and the advance of Kurdish forces, known as the People's Defense Units, American military forces were also stationed in northern and northeastern Syria. 

Initially, over 2,000 American military personnel entered areas under the control of Syrian Kurds, but former President Donald Trump withdrew about 1,000 of these forces from Syria on the eve of Turkey's attack on Kurdish forces in October 2019.

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