Russia to build two permanent air bases in northern Syria

Russia is going to build two large air bases in Kobani and Qamishlo, two Kurdish cities in northwestern Syria.

Kurdish-language media have reported on Twitter that Russia is going to build two large air bases in northwestern Syria.

The Kurdish media on Twitter said that Russia plans to build a large airbase near Sarin Airport in Kobani town and another large airbase in Qamishlo.

The Russians are going to do this to encounter the United States threats.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov has said that US bombers are unable to destroy Russia's air defense systems in Syria.

Other news sources also reported that Russia has sent 20 fighter jets to Syria.

A Polish think tank "the Warsaw Institute," recently wrote in an analysis that Russia deployed atomic bombers at Hamimim airbase in Syria, noting that Russia is now a threat to NATO's southern wing.

The Polish think tanks added that Russia is expected to launch its most provocative patrol flights over the Mediterranean.

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