Secretary General announces deal between Erbil and Baghdad to confront ISIS

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Region announced that during a meeting with the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, they had reached an agreement on practical action and joint operations against the ISIS.

Following the escalation of ISIS attacks on the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad in recent weeks, which left dozens dead and wounded among Peshmerga forces and civilians living in these areas; on December 4, a delegation from the Ministry of Peshmerga, headed by Peshmerga Secretary General Jabar Yawar, traveled to Baghdad to discuss with Iraqi military officials the fight against the ISIS.

Commenting on the delegation's meetings in Baghdad, Yawar told Rudaw TV that they had reached an agreement with Iraqi military officials on joint operations against ISIS, and that the commanders of the two sides in Kirkuk and Diyala would meet tomorrow to discuss launching joint operations to clear the ISIS.

He added that a practical and field agreement had been reached between Peshmerga commanders and the Iraqi army in the presence of the Global Anti-ISIS Coalition on joint military operations, including ambushes and joint patrols, to counter the ISIS threat in the disputed areas.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command also announced that the meetings were aimed at reviewing security coordination in areas where the two sides are concerned about their security, and that a new plan has been drawn up to counter ISIS attacks.

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials say the presence of Peshmerga and Iraqi Army positions in the disputed areas has created a security vacuum and made opportunities for ISIS movements, with military officials in Erbil and Baghdad repeatedly announcing that they have agreed to conduct joint operations and coordinate to fill the security gap and two joint forces will be formed for this purpose and 6 joint coordination centers will be established in this regard.

Yawar further stressed that the failure to implement the previous agreements between Erbil and Baghdad is the main factor behind the increase in ISIS activities and attacks.

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