Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria to exchange security information

Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Russian Federation and Syria will exchange security information with each other.

Spokesperson for Iraq's Joint Chief of Staff Major General Tahseen al-Khafaji made the remarks on Sunday, November 29, and emphasized the effective role and successful achievements of Quartet Committee for the exchange of information and security cooperation between Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria.

The Quartet Committee for Exchange of Information and Security Cooperation, with members from Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria based in Iraqi Ministry of Defense under the command of a senior official of the Ministry, is very important in exchanging information on terrorist movements and eliminating them, he added.

Iraqi, Iranian, Russian and Syrian officers are members of the Quartet Committee for Information Exchange and Security Cooperation and this Committee has had successful operations in arresting terrorists and thwarting terrorist operations prior to its implementation, Major General Tahseen al-Khafaji stated.

The purpose of the Committee is to coordinate security between Iraq and work in the form of a participatory system to fight against terrorist groups and exchange of information about them.

The Quartet Committee on Information Exchange and Security Cooperation has been established since 2015 between Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria with the aim of exchanging information to fight against terrorism with membership of the military affiliates of these countries and Iraqi representative in Baghdad, Mehr News Agency reported.

Exchange of information, especially intelligence supply of Iraqi and Syrian forces, has been one of the most important and successful functions of the center in identifying and targeting important and sensitive positions of the terrorist groups including ISIS and Takfiris in Iraq and in some cases in Syria, he added.

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