PUK calls for unity among Iraqi Kurdish parties

The political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) called for public reconciliation and unity between the various movements to ensure the attainment of the legal rights of the Kurdistan Region within the framework of a federal Iraq.

According to Nas Kurd, the PUK political office issued a message on the occasion of the New Year and expressed hope that the new year will be a year of prosperity in all fields, unity and integration of all movements and parties to guarantee the legal rights of the Kurdish people within federal Iraq where public reconciliation will be the beginning.

In this statement, the PUK also expressed hope that with the cooperation and support of the people, it will be able to use all its efforts in all fields in a practical way to ensure and stabilize the welfare of the people of Kurdistan.

Respecting the victims of last year's war against ISIS, as well as the victims of the natural disasters in Erbil and Kirkuk, the deceased IDPs on their way to emigrate to Europe, the Kurdish party stressed: we hope the last year events and calamities would turn into a lesson in the new year and make the unity and solidarity of the people and the parties to guarantee the legal rights of the Kurdish people within the framework of a federal Iraq will begin, which will begin with public reconciliation.

In the end, the party expressed its hope that the New Year will become a year of stability and healing of all the wounds of the past year.

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