US has asked Turkey to leave Syria, party leader says

The leader of the Kurdish Democratic Day Party in Syria said that Washington had asked Turkey that it should have a schedule to leave Syria gradually.

In an interview with Kurdpress, Kufan ​​Kaneo, the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Day Party in Syria, said that Turkey is changing its policy from a ground war to an air war against Syrian Kurdistan.
"Turkey is looking for an opportunity to get the green light from the United States in order to attack and occupy Syrian Kurdistan again. Turkey is greedy and seeks to occupy Kurdistan in line with its Ottoman empire reviving intentions," the party leader said.
Mr. Kaneo added: "The Syrian Democratic Forces (SFF) is a proven and capable force and has shown its efficiency in the war against the ISIS, but Turkey is very advanced in terms of equipment and is a NATO member, so there is no balance between our power and Turkey and we want Russia and the United States not to allow another Turkey attack on us."
He further said: "The United States and Russia have promised that Turkey will not be allowed to launch new attacks. On the other hand, we have discussed this issue with Western countries and the region. This situation proved that Kurdish-Kurdish talks over unity are very important to move through this tough situation."
"There are many problems. We have not yet been able to reach an agreement with the central government or to convince Europe to declare Turkey an aggressor, but according to US officials, Turkey has been told that it should leave Syria gradually," said Kofan Kaneo.
"There are a lot of problems. We have to reach an agreement with Turkey to leave Syrian Kurdistan, and we also need to talk to all the countries in the region about the situation in Syria," said the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Day party in Syria.
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