Iraq federal court ruling is related to tensions over forming new Iraqi Gov.: former MP

A member of the Jamaat-e-Adalat (Justice Community) Party considered the Iraqi Federal Court ruling to ban oil activities in the Kurdistan Region as political and said that this ruling is related to the tensions of electing a president for Iraq and forming the upcoming new Iraqi government.

Ahmad Haji Rashid, told Hawlati News Agency that the recent ruling of the Iraqi Federal Court that declared the oil activities of the Kurdistan Region illegal, is political and illegal and stressed that the oil and gas incomes of the Kurdistan Region should be in the hands of the central government, adding that the Federal Court ruling has political implications.

The representative of the Jamaat-e-Adalat party in the previous term of the Iraqi parliament added that the 2021 budget law legally allows the region to export its oil and this law was also approved by the parliament with the consent of the Shiite movements and no person or party was against it did not file a complaint and did not refer the matter to the federal court.

He also stated that he, along with two other Kurdish members of the Iraqi parliament, had previously gone to federal court and asked judges, including Medhat Mahmoud, a federal judge, about the reasons for occasional complaints about the region's oil activities, adding that the judge has replied that if the relations between Erbil and Baghdad improved and the two sides came closer to each other, the court would be notified that the this complaint should be stopped and whenever the tensions are increased, it would be announced to the court that the case should be considered.

He stressed that the current state of affairs in this case contains a political message about the disputes over the election of the president and the formation of the upcoming new Iraqi government and the election results, and has a very clear political aspect, and legally whenever a complaint is referred to the federal court, the court is ultimately required to review it.

He also said that the federal court could not be said to be neutral and not affiliated with any party, but it should not be forgotten that the federal court is involved in political conflicts and tensions in most countries.

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