Students study MA in Kurdish Literature in Kobani

Amal Ma’mo, a lecturer at the University of Kobani, along with other colleagues are preparing to do Master of Arts (MA) in the Kurdish Literature in the city of Kobani, northern Syria.

The University of Kobani proposed and implemented a project giving a chance to the students to do Master’s degree in Kobani.

Studying for Master’s degree is an important opportunity, it collaborates in upgrading the academic level of the university, said Ma’mo. “Research and studies to serve the Kurdish language, which has been marginalized for decades, will be conducted.”

On January 24, the University of Kobani started a special program to study MA in the Kurdish Literature in cooperation with academics, Kurdish language linguistics specialists from outside Syria. The MA classes are being taught “online”.

MA is a chance to enhance one’s knowledge and understanding in a particular field as well as publish researches and discoveries in the field of specialization.

Students who do Master’s degrees engage in academic programs that allow them to update their knowledge, meet the demands of the current occupations, and improve job security in general. Plus, it has a role in resolving problems local people face and accelerate the researcher’s career, North Press reported.

Majority of the international universities adopt two main types for the Master’s degrees: course-based (taught) or research-based.

As for the University of Kobani, the students study both types at the same time. In the first term, which lasts four months, the students are obliged to study seven subjects with the aim to boost their knowledge in areas related to MA, handle Scientific shortcomings, and the way of picking up research and translation.

The students have to pass the seven subjects in order to be transferred to the second term which lasts one year and a half and includes submitting, preparing and discussing the research.

The lectures are given via Zoom App from 6:00pm to 10:00 pm every day. However, this causes a trouble for the students who suffer from poor network connection and usual power outage during the time of the lectures.

Total toll of students admitted for MA in the Kurdish Literature are 28 students. The Master’s degree this year will be exclusive for lecturers at the University of Kobani, the University of Rojava in Qamishli city, some Kurdish teachers of the Institution of Kurdish language in Kobani, and some members of the Educational Committee in the Jazira Region.

Mohammed Rashid, deputy co-chair of the University of Kobani and the person in charge of Master’s degree in the Kurdish literature said they implemented the project following three-months preparations and discussion sessions.

The project was discussed with academics, mostly professors of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and some American ones who have written studies and have done researches on the Kurdish literature.

“All the postgraduate students will have the opportunity to be admitted for Masters’ degree in the coming years according to certain conditions of applications,” he added.

Rashid noted that the university may face challenges due to the shortage of Kurdish sources and references available, in addition to difficulties in preparing studies and projects in accordance with the desired level.

Rashid believes the administrations of universities in northeast Syria have to launch such projects in order to develop the academic side for the Kurdish language and reach the level of other languages worldwide.

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