Turkey cannot abuse the Ukrainian case against Kurds: official

Even if Turkey receives the green light from Russia to attack northern Syria, it will not be able to launch an attack on Syrian Kurdistan without a US approval," said a representative of the Syrian Democratic Assembly in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Speaking to Kurdpress, Hosheng Derwish, a member of the Syrian Democratic Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan, said: "Undoubtedly, if the war in Ukraine escalates or the United States or NATO enters the war, not only we see its effects in Eastern Europe, but also in the Middle East and around the world."

Asked whether Turkey was abusing the Ukrainian issue and launching another attack on Syrian Kurdistan, he said: "Turkey is likely to do so not only with the green light of Russia but also with a green light from the United States, but in at present, the United States does not allow such an action by Turkey in order to re-enter Syrian territory to occupy another region.

He added: "Today's US policy is different from the previous administration's policy and Erdogan cannot hope for such a behavior now. Regarding the issue of Ukraine, if Turkey wants to implement such a policy in northern Syria with the support of Russia, undoubtedly the interests of the United States will be jeopardized.

"Turkey has so far not reacted to the events in Ukraine and has not taken any side against Russia, although it is part of the NATO force," Derwish said.

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan region further told Kurdpress: Turkey does not want to lose Russia nor does it want to stand against the United States, so it has not reacted sharply so far.

He added: "Turkey will not be able to attack northern Syria without the US green light, because there is an unwritten agreement between the US and Russia in this regard."

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