Iraqi Federal Court says Halbousi's decision over presidential candidates' re-nomination is illegal

The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court ruled that the decision of the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mohammad Halbousi, to re-register the presidential candidates was illegal.

According to Iraqi media, the Iraqi federal court ruled that the re-nomination of the presidential candidates was illegal.

The Iraqi federal court ruled that there was no provision in the constitution or other law that would allow the speaker to re-register for the presidency.

The court also stated that it is possible to re-register for the Iraqi presidency, by the parliament itself, not by the speaker of the parliament.

The speaker of the Iraqi parliament re-registered new candidates last month after rejecting the candidacy of Hoshyar Zebari, the KDP candidate for the presidency. However, this action provoked protests and complaints from some political movements. They believed that the move by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Halbousi, who formed a tripartite coalition with Muqtada al-Sadr and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, was aimed at preventing the re-election of the current Iraqi president, Barham Saleh.

The Iraqi parliament was supposed to vote on one of the candidates for the presidency on February 6, but the session was not held due to the absence of more political factions.

After failing to hold a meeting for this purpose, Mohammad Halbousi decided to re-register the candidates for the post. The Iraqi representative, Bassem Khashan, objected to the issue, calling it unconstitutional, and complained to the federal court and the ruling by the Federal Supreme Court, on Tuesday, March 1, is a response to the representative's complaint. On the occasion of the re-registration of presidential candidates, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) had nominated the Minister of Interior, Ribar Ahmed, as its candidate for the post, and the recent ruling of the federal court would invalidate his candidacy.

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