Senior KDP member: Barzani, Halbousi and Sadr trilateral coalition to reach agreement

A senior member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) unveiled the mechanism for a tripartite coalition in Iraq and stressed that the coalition would reach an agreement in its interests.

According to Al-Rabaa, Majid Shingali said: "The Kurdistan Democratic Party is a member of the coalition that have a majority in parliament, and the members of this coalition will agree on its mechanism of action if the registration of presidential candidates resumes."

"The mechanism of the tripartite coalition will be agreed upon soon in order to help the whole political process," Shingali said.

The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court on Wednesday (February 23) postponed a final ruling on the re-registration of presidential candidates.

A number of leaders of the three coalitions of Muqtada Sadr, the leader of Sadr Movement, Masoud Barzani-led KDP and a Sunni coalition led the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi met in Baghdad on Sunday, February 27.

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