Turkey is committing ethnic cleansing in Afrin: official

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan region stated Turkey was committing ethnic cleansing in Afrin, Syria Kurdistan, by changing the population of this region, as it wants to expel the Kurds from Afrin.

Referring to the fourth year of the occupation of Afrin by Turkey and jihadi fighters, Hosheng Derwish, a member of the Syrian Democratic Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, told Kurdpress: With the green light from Russia and the United States, Turkey occupied Afrin. Today, all world powers and the international community are silent about Turkey's aggression.
He continued: "Today, the United Nations is silent in the face of this occupation and does not use legitimate means to put pressure on Turkey. It is necessary for the United Nations to form a committee to record the crimes against the people of Afrin and to use all its international and legal capacity to condemn and expel Turkey from Syrian territory.
The representative went on to add: "Turkey is committing ethnic cleansing in Afrin and is expelling the Kurds from Afrin by changing the population in this region."
"The Syrian Democratic Council seeks to condemn Turkey and expel it from Syria, both politically and diplomatically, as well as legally," Mr. Derwish also said.
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