Joe Biden government can mediate between Kurds and Turkey: representative

The head of the office of the Syrian Democratic Council in the United States, requested the continued presence of the United States in Syria and announced the possibility of mediation by the newly-elected President Joe Biden government to resolve the Syrian Kurdish dispute with Ankara.

Sinam Mohammad, the representative of the Northeastern Syrian Autonomous Administration in the United States, who attended a webinar reviewing on the situation in Syria with James Jeffrey, the US envoy to Syria, and Michael Mulroy, the former US Deputy Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, demanded US to continue supporting the Syrian Kurds.

Referring to Turkey's previous operations against the Kurds and the recent attacks by Turkish-affiliated militias on the city of Ain Issa, she stressed on the need to have US forces alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Regarding the ways forward for Joe Biden's government to resolve the Syrian crisis, Sinem Mohammad said that one way is to mediate between the Turkish government and the Syrian Kurds, or between the Kurds and the Syrian central government to resolve differences.

She also called for the participation of the Kurds in any negotiations and solutions that are considered to resolve the crisis in Syria.

Mulroy, for his side, praised the presence of US forces in Syria alongside the Kurds.

In the webinar, which was organized by an American institution, he warned of the consequences of the withdrawal of US troops from Kurdish-controlled areas because he believed that leaving the Syrian Kurds would make it difficult for the United States to form new alliances.

James Jeffrey also warned of the consequences of another Turkish military operation against the Kurds, saying that these military actions would affect the current US-Turkey relations.

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