Kurds are main obstacle on forming new Iraqi government: magazine

In an analysis on the differences between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Iraqi Kurdistan, Hill, a US-affiliated congressional magazine, described the main reason for the failure to form a new Iraqi government and the threat to its sovereignty.

Hill reported on the situation in Iraq in a report examining the consequences of the differences between the two main parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.
The magazine believes that the Kurds are the biggest obstacle to the formation of a new government in Iraq.
Referring to the history of the civil war in the Kurdistan region between the two parties in the 1990s, the magazine emphasized on the continuing differences and rivalries between the two parties in the current situation in Iraq, and stated that the two parties are important political and economic rivals in the politics of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.
The magazine noted that if the two parties had agreed on a joint candidate for the Iraqi presidency, Iraq would now have a new government.
Hill has stated the baseless tension between the two parties over the election of anew president for Iraq has been the main reason behind the recent unsuccessful Iraqi parliament meetings.
The magazine which is close to US lawmakers believes the Kurds need to understand that forming a majority government in Iraq, which has been a factor in the failure of their efforts, could be more in the best interest of the Iraqi Kurdish region.
The magazine warns that if the current obstacles continue, it may be led to a new election in Iraq, which may not be in the interests of the current movement which is seeking a majority government in the country.
Hill writes about the deepening danger of continuing divisions between the two Kurdish parties in Iraq and that US President Joe Biden's move in sending a letter to the officials in the region proves the disputes are seriously dangerous and the president has called for unity between the two parties, stressing that the move by Biden was made too late.
Hill believes the current position of the Kurds towards the Iraqi government is not constructive and that they should now make every effort to succeed in forming a new Iraqi government.
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