Party leader says Kurdistan Region must continue its oil activities

The Secretary General of the Kurdistan Social Democratic Party stressed Iraq's constitution gives Kurdistan region the right to operate in the oil and gas field and the region must continue its gas and oil activities.

According to the Bass News website, Mohammad Haji Mahmoud, made the remarks in response to the recent statements of the Iraqi Minister of Oil regarding the implementation of the Iraqi Federal Court ruling on oil activities in the region.

Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar stated two days ago that the Iraqi Federal Court's decision on the illegality of oil activities in the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad's control over these activities will be fully implemented.

Haji Mahmoud by issued a statement calling the remarks delusional and a reminder of the positions and actions of previous Iraqi regimes towards the Kurds, especially Saddam and the ousted Ba'athist regime.

The secretary general of the Social Democratic Party of Kurdistan called the current Iraqi government weak and said that the statements and orders of the Minister of Oil do not have influence and executive power even in his office, however he threatens the region not to show more flexibility regarding that court rulings against Kurds.

He went on to say that the Iraqi Minister of Oil is threatening the region, while the Iraqi government is under the control of forces, missiles and intelligence agencies of other countries, and yet the Minister of Oil wants to exert his power over the region and test it and some dissenting voices have poured into the enemy's mill under the name of journalists and are talking about the return of a centralist system.

Mohammad Haji Mahmoud added that the federal court is not a legal court and its rulings are not enforced, and that the Kurds not only would not return to the beginning point, but will have to take more steps to earn their rights and work in the oil and gas sector.

He added that Erbil give a severe response to those who speak on this issue and emphasized that the issue of climate oil cannot be discussed at all, because the constitution of the country gives them this right and neither the court nor any other person can make another decision about this.

He stressed that the presidency, the prime minister and the parliament of the Kurdistan Region must take a firm and clear position on the oil case, the statements of the oil minister, as well as on Baghdad's actions against the region, and defend the structure of the region.

The Secretary General of the Kurdistan Democratic Socialist Party concluded that the fate of the current threats to the Kurdistan Region will be the same as that of others who threatened the Kurds before, and that no movement or party in the region has the right to compromise with Baghdad on Kurdish rights as it will a historical betrayal of the Kurds and the political structure of the region.

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