Kurdistan Region's oil must be freed from domination of individuals and groups: party head

The head of the Islamic Union Faction in the Kurdistan Parliament stressed that the oil of the Kurdistan Region and its revenues should be taken out of the control of individuals and groups.

According to the Sepida news website, Shirko Jawdet, the head of the Islamic Unity Faction in the Kurdistan Region Parliament, announced during a press conference with the members of this faction on Monday, May 9, that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) had suspended their parliamentary sessions due to differences and they have also made Soleimani a victim of these disputes in terms of providing services and paying the salaries of employees.

He accused the two ruling parties of agreeing in the KRG that each of them should monopolize the revenues of the regions under its control and that they were not willing to pay the salaries to the employees, stressing that this should be done as soon as possible and the current situation should end and they should agree with each other in Baghdad.

Shirko Jawdet underscored that the oil of the Kurdistan Region should be freed from the domination of parties and individuals and efforts should be made to reach an agreement on the passage of the Iraqi Oil and Gas Law.

As for the region's natural gas exports, he pointed to the fact that gas production still does not meet domestic demand and that the Iraqi government has ended talks on the issue and put all-out pressure on oil companies to stop Kurdistan oil and gas activities is talking about it with other countries.

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