Kurdish party says will not accept parliament election results

<p style="text-align: left;">The Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), an opposition party in Kurdistan Region, said on Sunday, October 21, it does not accept the results of the Kurdistan parliamentary election.

The KIU&rsquo;s Political Council expressed its concern in a statement about the results of the election saying it will take legal measures to reject the results.

&ldquo;After a long time of waiting [during the] three weeks since the Kurdistan parliamentary election on September 30, 2018, because of the violations and electoral fraud by the ruling parties, the election and referendum commission failed to obtain the trust of [all] members of the commissioners&rsquo; council,&rdquo; the statement read.

&ldquo;The results were announced with a majority of votes in an incomplete way at midnight.&rdquo;

The Kurdistan Region&rsquo;s election and referendum commission announced the final results of the parliamentary election with the two ruling parties taking first and second places, NRT reported.

The KDP and PUK members of the commission voted to release the results at a late night session, while the other members voted against doing so.

According to the results, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) secured 45 seats, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) 21, Change Movement 12, New Generation 8, Kurdistan Islamic Group 7, and Towards Reform, which is a joint list of the KIU and the Kurdistan Islamic Movement, 5.

In contrast, the PUK accepted the final results of the election, party spokesman Saadi Ahmed Pira announced in a press conference.

&ldquo;We are satisfied with the results even though there was incompleteness and other parties had notes on the results,&rdquo; he added.

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