KRG ready to resume talks with Baghdad, PM says

<p style="text-align: left;">Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nerchirvan Barzani said on Thursday, November 8, that the Kurdistan Region is ready to resume talks with Baghdad to resolve a number of pending issues.

The KRG PM met with Belgian Ambassador to Iraq Jordan Hendrik Van de Velde in Erbil on Thursday to discuss the political situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, according to a KRG statement.

Barzani and Van de Velde reportedly discussed steps on how to approach talks between the Region and Baghdad and the ongoing government formation process.

According to NRT the Belgian said that the Kurds should be strongly represented in the new cabinet, the statement said. He also urged the two sides to resolve their differences.

The Iraqi Parliament approved fourteen nominees to the new cabinet last month, leaving a number of important posts unfilled, including Interior, Defense, and Education, amid disagreements between the parliamentary factions.

The Office of Prime Minister said earlier that Iraqi Premier Adil Abdul Mahdi himself would fulfill the duties of Minister of Interior until he selects someone for the post.

Currently, two Kurds are part of the new cabinet: Minister of Finance Faud Hussein and Minister of Housing and Construction Bangin Rekani.

Abdul Mahdi said on Tuesday that his cabinet was working closely with the parliament to fill the remaining ministerial vacancies.

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