Intellectual women ask UN not to support Turkey Kurdish genocide

Dozens of prominent women, intellectuals and activists from around the world, have written a letter to the United Nations calling for an end to the Turkish government's attacks and occupations against Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan, Syria and Makhmur as well as Shingal.

Dozens of women intellectuals and activists, as well as women's civil society organizations, wrote a letter to the UN Secretariat and Women's Section urging it to stop backing the Turkish government's attacks on Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan, Syrian Kurdistan, Makhmour and Shingal and take action against these attacks.

The women cited the Turkish government's various attacks on refugee camps in Makhmur, Shingal, Syrian Kurdistan and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as the destruction of regional infrastructure, as the reason for the large-scale migration of people from their homeland.

The letter states that Turkey, by abusing Article 51 of the UN Convention, has legitimized its killings and occupying attacks as a guarantee of Turkey's border security and self-defense, and that all these illegal acts are in the name of complying with the UN Charter.

"We, the signatories of this letter, as real and legal persons, do not accept the United Nations support for Turkey's aggression against the Kurdish people in northeastern Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan," the letter concluded. "We reject Turkey's claim of self-defense and emphasize that Turkish government is the real aggressor. We call on the United Nations to condemn the Turkish government's aggression against the Kurds and to take action to stop Turkey's cross-border attacks on northern and eastern Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan."

The letter was signed by 75 real and legal names, including Judith Butler, professor of comparative literature at the University of California, author and women's rights activist, Debbie Bookchin, American journalist and writer, Angela Davis, author and professor at the University of California, Mary Davis, a professor at the Royal Holloway University in the United Kingdom, and Besma Hamdi, the Secretary General of the International Federation of African Women, and many more.

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