Iraqi parliament to discuss Turkish attacks in extraordinary session

The Iraqi parliament will discuss recent Turkish attacks in Iraq in an extraordinary session on Thursday, June 23, according to local media on Monday, June 21.

The presidency of the parliament issued a statement calling on MPs to attend an extraordinary session this week which will be held based on article 58 of the Iraqi constitution.
Article 58 states that the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Council of Representatives, or fifty members of the Council of Representatives may call the Council to an extraordinary session, NRT reported.
The statement said that the session would be held based on a petition from a number of MPs. It did not say how many MPs signed the petition; however, it must be at least 50 MPs.
While the statement did not say what the session would be about, Iraqi MPs have said the topic of discussion will be the recent Turkish attack in Iraq.
State of the Law MP Thair al-KJaburi and Alliance of Sovereignty MP Raad Dahalki have confirmed the topic of the session to be Turkish bombardments.
Turkey has carried out periodic airstrikes in Sinjar, the most recent on June 15, when four people, including one child, were killed and four others injured.
The former Secretary-General of the Peshmerga Ministry, Lt. Gen. Jabbar Yawar, told NRT that Turkish drones fly over the Kurdistan Region daily, and Turkey has targeted the Region’s borders 193 times with drones and warplanes from the beginning of 2022 to June.
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