SDF could merge with Syrian forces: Kurdish official

The Syrian regime should try to reach an agreement with Kurdish-led authorities in the northeast to integrate the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) into the national army, a senior Syrian Kurdish opposition figure has said.

Ilham Ahmad, co-leader of the Syrian Democratic Council - the SDF's political wing - raised the possibility of merging the two forces at a meeting in Raqqa, northern Syria on Sunday.
"Instead of attacking these forces [SDF] it is better to talk about finding a political solution, thus merging the [SDF] with the Syrian army with the appropriate mechanisms and this is the right solution in light of the regime forces’ division," Ahmad said.
Her comments came as Russian officials plead with Damascus and Syrian Kurdish officials to work together to ward off enemy groups, including Turkish-backed forces that control parts of northern Syria.
The SDF is the military force of the de-facto Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, otherwise known as Rojava. It played a major role in the territorial defeat of the Islamic State group in Syria.
The Kurdish-led forces said earlier this month that they could cooperate with regime forces if Turkey follows through on its threats to invade northeast Syria.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other senior Turkish officials have said they want to clear northern Syria of "terrorist" groups.
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