Massoud Barzani sets three conditions for participating in Iraq political process

In a meeting with the Danish ambassador to Iraq, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Massoud Barzani, sets three conditions for participating in the Iraqi political process, including "partnership, balance and agreement."

According to Kurdistan TV 24, the office of Massoud Barzani announced that he welcomed the Stig Paolo Biras, the Danish ambassador to Iraq, on Wednesday.
During the meeting, Massoud Barzani stated that the conditions of the Kurdistan Region for continuing to participate in the Iraqi political process are the adherence of the Iraqi political forces to the three principles of partnership, balance and agreement.
It is also mentioned that the Danish ambassador, whose mission in Iraq is over, praised Barzani's role in the Kurdish liberation movement and thanked the KRG for its cooperation and coordination with the Danish government, especially in resolving the problem of two Danish citizens in the region.
The meeting also discussed the political situation in Iraq and the challenges and obstacles to the political process in the country, as well as the threat of terrorism against regional stability, and the situation in Shingal, northern Iraq.
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