Why are oil and gas companies in Kurdistan Region targeted?

The aim of recent missile attacks on oil and gas companies operating in the Kurdistan Region appears to be more political than anything else. 

They seem to be part of the intensified disputes between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) over the Region's energy sector.
While Baghdad and Erbil have always contested the KRG's rights over developing and exporting its oil and gas, relations have reached a new level of complication following the federal court's ruling that deemed the Regions oil and gas law to be unconstitutional.
Since the ruling in February, multiple attacks have been carried out targeting the Kurdistan Region's oil and gas fields; most recently, the Dana Gas-operated Khor Mor gas field in Sulaimani province was targeted.
In March, the KAR Group-owned Khormala oil field in Erbil province came under attack.
Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army, on the one hand, and the Peshmerga forces, on the other, have mobilized forces closer to the Khormala oil field and Khor Mor gas field.
However, as Iraq's economy is booming now, thanks to rising oil prices, Baghdad does not need to seize the Region's oil.

Claim of responsibility
While no one has so far claimed responsibility for the recent attacks, a commander from Iraqi Kataib Hizbullah tweeted that a Turkish intelligence group carried out the attacks on Dana Gas in the Khurmatu district.
Local observers have pointed out that some Iraqi forces might be using the attacks as a pressure card on the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to compromise and comply with their demands during the Iraqi government formation discussions.
Although, after the withdrawal of the Sadrist Movement, the KDP has made efforts to get closer to the Coordination Framework, however framework wants more compromise from the Kurdish political parties.
The KRG has vowed to defend its energy sector, and it is not clear yet how much impact these attacks would have on the operations of the oil and gas companies.
Today, Dana Gas announced the suspension of expansion works in its Khor Mor field following three days of attacks.
KRG's Deputy Premier Qubad Talabani has said that these attacks would not affect the production of natural gas, liquid gas and local energy supply.
According to Iraqi News Agency (INA), the US-based global energy company Schlumberger has decided to exit the Kurdistan Region following the Iraqi federal court's decision to consider the Kurdistan Region's energy sector unconstitutional.
INA also reported that US energy company Baker Hughes had also decided to comply with the federal court's ruling by exiting the Kurdistan Region.
Neither of the companies has issued statements regarding the reports.
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