Iraqi forces appeal Kurdish held checkpoint in disputed areas

A checkpoint in the disputed areas between Iraq’s government and the Kurdistan Region led to a quarrel on Wednesday, the Iraqi army demanded the Peshmerga forces hand over it in Zanana area, north of Tuz Khurmatu district, Salah al-Din governorate, Esta reported.

According to the report Iraq’s army has conducted a military drill in Kurdish controlled area on Zanana recently, adding the pretext of launching a new military operation.

“On Wednesday Iraq’s military forces paid a visit to Peshmerga forces in the area, and appealed Zanana crossroad checkpoint,” Esta reporter said.

Zanana crossroad checkpoint has been held by Peshmerga forces since 2003, but the Iraqi forces demanded to hold the checkpoint jointly with the Kurdish forces, according to the reporter.

“Kurdish and Iraqi forces are inside ongoing meeting”, Zenana Checkpoint has routes toward Qaderkarem Sub-district in which the Kurdistan Region’s key gas field Khor Mor is located as well as Tuz Khurmatu Town and Kirkuk province.

The disputed areas between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi government is one of the stuck topics between them, including the Kirkuk province and parts of Nineveh and Salahuddin provinces (north) and Diyala province (east).

This situation resulted in security gaps between the Iraqi army and the Kurdish forces known as Peshmerga in favor of ISIS and other terror groups.

In 2020, Baghdad and Erbil – KRG’s capital – formed joint military coordination centers to cooperate and exchange information to crack down on ISIS remnants in the disputed area.

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