Erdogan: we will attack Syria as soon as preparations are ready

As soon as the security corridor on the Syrian border is completed, Turkey will launch a new operation against the northern regions of Syria, Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

Erdogan announced the final stages of Turkey's readiness to attack northern Syria, saying that operations against northern Syria would begin as soon as preparations for the security corridor were completed.

According to Anadolu News Agency, Erdogan claimed that the EFES-2022 exercise had been successfully conducted in the region, and that Turkey had successfully passed vital tests such as terrorism, migration, war, economic and social crises, stating that his country is one of the oldest examples of the fight against terrorism in the world.

Erdogan also claimed that his country "is surrounded on four sides by countries with ambitious administrations and that the burden of their political and humanitarian crises is on Turkey." He did not specify which countries he meant.

In a contradictory speech, the Turkish President said: "We have always demonstrated our principled position in the fight against terrorism and our humanitarian sensitivities in the international arena by conducting foreign operations, as well as supporting friendly and brotherly countries."

"We declare at every opportunity that any structure that does not respect our security concerns and humanitarian sensitivities and our goals for development will not have the right to use the power and opportunities we have," he added.

"The operation to save the Iraqi border forever from terrorist attacks continues successfully," Erdogan said, referring to Turkey offensive in Iraqi Kurdistan.

"As soon as our preparations are ready, we will launch a new operation there to complete the shortcomings of the security corridor we have begun to build on the Syrian border," he said about the possible operation in Syria.

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