Turkey is a major supporter of ISIS cells: spokesman

A spokesman for the Syrian Kurdistan Internal Security Forces called Turkey a direct supporter of ISIS secret cells in northern and eastern Syria.

Ali Hassan, the spokesman for the Syrian Kurdistan Internal Security Forces, claimed that the Turkish government was supporting the hidden cells of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the region to disrupt stability and security in northern and eastern Syria.

"These cells are directly supported by the Turkish government and their aim is to revive ISIS and incite the people of northern and eastern Syria against each other," Hassan told Hawar News.

"After the end of the classic war in the region, some governments and groups resorted to new methods of warfare and targeted society, including drug trafficking and espionage. We have arrested and brought to justice 933 drug traffickers in various operations," he added.

Regarding the increase in killings in northern and eastern Syria, Hassan said, "Members of these secret cells are trying to target and kill prominent people, religious leaders, citizens, women and children. Their aim is to incite people against each other."

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