KDP announces six conditions for participating in the new Iraqi government

The media affiliated to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) claimed that the Coordination Framework has received six conditions from this party and announced that it is waiting for the position of Mohammad Al-Halbousi, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, in this regard.

According to Shafaq News Agency, the coordination framework, by disclosing the latest developments related to its understandings with political forces active in the political arena for the formation of the new government of Iraq, announced that "these understandings have not yet reached the level of a final agreement and are waiting for a meeting. We are waiting for the parliament meeting that is supposed to be held after Eid al-Adha holiday."
It should be mentioned that the periodic meetings of the Coordination Framework forces have determined three important committees, including the government program writing committee, the negotiating committee, and a case management or political decision making committee that includes the leaders of the Coordination Framework forces. Meanwhile, a source in the Coordination Framework told Shafaq News news agency: "All signs indicate the desire of independent representatives to form a coalition with the Coordination Framework, and this framework may oblige them to introduce a candidate for the post of Iraqi prime ministry.
This source added: "The Kurdistan Democratic Party continues to insist on its demands, i.e. revising the law of the Federal Court regarding the oil case, approving the oil and gas law, implementing Article 140, solving the Shingal issue, allocating 17 percent of Iraq's general budget to the Kurdistan region, and allocating the budget to Peshmerga forces."
According to this source, the Advance Coalition led by Mohammad Al-Halbousi, the Speaker of the House of the Representatives, has not yet announced his position regarding the agreement with the Coordination Framework, but if he continues to stick to his original position, a new political map will be drawn in Iraq and Khamis Al-Khanjar, who is a powerful ally of the Coordination Framework, will turn out powerful in the political arena of Iraq.
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