PYD calls on UN to close Syrian Kurdistan's airspace

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) is Syria Kurdistan urged the UN Security Council to close Syrian airspace to Turkish planes, and punish this country.

The leadership council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), stated Turkey's population restructuring project in Syrian Kurdish regions has entered a new phase and asked the United Nations Security Council to close the Syrian airspace to Turkish planes and punished the country for its crimes in Syria.

While Turkey's attacks against North and East Syria are continuing, PYD referred to the recent airstrikes of the Turkish government on various areas of North and East Syria and wounding and killing civilians, and called in a statement for the closure of the airspace in northern Syria.

The statement further has added: "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish government has occupied large parts of the lands of this land through direct and indirect attacks (by the forces under its command) on the territory of Syria, and is pursuing the project of Turkification of the region and reviving the Ottoman Empire. Turkish drone strikes target civilians, internal security forces, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the attempt to attack the autonomous administration of northern and eastern Syria. They only target the individuals and groups that had a direct role in the fight against ISIS. The movements of the Turkish planes and drones in Syrian airspace is a violation of international agreements."

PYD has further condemned the air and terrorist attacks of the Turkish government against the north and east of Syria and said: "We ask the international community and the powers to guarantee peace in the region and punish Turkey for its occupation policy and all the crimes it has committed in the region. We ask the UN Security Council to close the region's airspace to Turkish planes. In the end, we ask the international organizations to form committees to investigate the crimes of the aggressor government of Turkey and the forces under its command, and hold them accountable and bring an end to the occupation of Turkey in Syria."

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