KDP urges parties to hold early election in Iraq

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) politburo released a statement on Saturday calling for the parties to reach an agreement and hold an early election in Iraq.

KDP politburo in a statement asked the parties to hold fruitful talks saying, an agreement can be made on holding an early election throughout Iraq.
“We urge all parties in Iraq’s political arena to be responsible and take serious steps to rescue the country from the current deadlock situation through holding fruitful talks,” it said.
KDP politburo has expressed its concern and protested towards the Iraqi political dilemma and the trapped situation, urging the parties to reach an agreement and hold an early election.
“It is possible that parties can reach agreement on an early election, in particular after the parties have pledged to accept the election results and not to repeat the last election experience” it added.
The statement coincides with Iraq’s 10 months of political stalemate, the country held its latest election in October 2021, since then, the parties were not able to reach an agreement and form a new government for the country.
The political process in Iraq is quite paralyzed, part of the parties demanding an early election to puts end to the political stalemate, particularly the Sadrist movement.
Meanwhile, other parties and the Shiite coordination framework are insisting to form a government based on the results of the October election. Each side is impossible to be neglected due to having powerful positions in Iraq’s political process.
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