Coordination Framework planning for major protest

The Coordination Framework has called on Iraqis to make preparations for a major demonstration to demand the formation of the new government in the interest of the people.

The preparatory committee for the demonstrations from the Coordination Framework said in a statement the country is for the people and the people have protected it with their blood, therefore the demonstrations are not for the sake of any party.
The committee said demonstrations are rather for the sake of fighting poverty and up protest the lack of job opportunities.
It also stated the time for the demonstration will be set by the committee.
At the same time, the rival Sadrist Movement is preparing for a mass protest in Baghdad on Saturday, August 20.
The Sadrist movement in a statement set the next Saturday to hold a million-man peaceful demonstration in Baghdad calling its supporters to join from all Iraqi provinces.
Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, prominent political figure and close to leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr, in a statement on Sunday, set the next Saturday evening to hold a million-man demonstration in Baghdad’s downtown Tahrir square.
The demonstration is expected to be unprecedented in terms of the number that decided to be held in the Iraqi capital, Muhammad al-Iraqi has underscored that it is to stand against corruption and the corrupt parties.
“Sadr stressed the peacefulness of Saturday’s scheduled demonstration,” al-Iraqi said.
After weeks of storming Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone and holding a sit-in, where the parliament and foreign embassies are located the supporters of Sadrist continue to camp outside the legislative building, refusing to leave until their demands are met.
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