Kadhimi involved in fraud during last election: Iraqi leader

A leader of the Coordination Framework on Sunday alleged the Iraqi Prime Minister over doing fraud during the last parliamentary election.

Prominent leader of the Coordination Framework Muhammed Sahyood, in a statement on the post-election situation in Iraq, said, “Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has manipulated the poll’s results”
“Kadhimi directed four national security service hackers to manipulate the results,” He said.
Iraq in October 2021 held a pre-election after mass anti-government protests erupted in the capital demanded an early election, fueled by a group called themselves a pro-reformist social-political movement of the Tishreen (October), the name generated from October 2019 in which the mass protest took place.
The Shia parties faced an unprecedented defeat in the October early election, declining their seats in half, while the Sadrist movement, a nationalist anti-foreign interference party led by Muqtada al-Sadr, emerged as a major winner with 73 seats.
But soon the parties protested against the poll’s result.
“The hackers manipulated the voting servers for 8 minutes, during the time they changed the parties’ seats,” Sahyood said.
“The hacking was aimed to bring Iraq to this deadlock situation which makes Kadhimi stay longer in his position,” Sahyood stressed, adding that, “A European country prior launching the pre-election coordinated with regional to do the fraud.”
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