Forum in Qamishli stresses forming political body for Syria’s future

All participants of a consultative forum, consisting of political parties and powers in Syria, stressed on Saturday the importance of forming a political body that fulfills the aspirations of the Syrians.

The participants said that such a political body would be the product of meetings held within the framework of the Preparatory Committee of the Democratic Powers and Figures Conference.

According to North Press Agency the forum, taking place in Qamishli for two days, is discussing the axes of the Syrian political solution, decentralization, and the concept of the inclusive national identity.

In December 2021, the Preparatory Committee of the Democratic Powers and Figures Conference in cooperation with the Olof Palme International Center for Peace and Democracy held the first consultative forum under the title “Stockholm Consultative Meeting for Democratic Powers and Figures: Necessity, Possibilities and Hope”, in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

In April 2022, the second consultative forum was held in Stockholm, under the auspices of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Olof Palme center.

The forum was attended by 39 Syrian political figures, as well as representatives of the United States, Britain, France and the Scandinavian countries.

After the meeting, a statement was issued by the participating parties regarding their discussions, which touched up on the solution for the Syrian crisis, a national identity that encompasses all Syrians, and the governance system of the future Syria.

According to the statement, the failure behind resolving the Syrian issue is the result of excluding important democratic Syrian opposition bodies, the absence of political management by the two opposing parties (the Syrian government and opposition), and the parties’ ties with foreign powers.

The participants stressed that there is no military solution in Syria, emphasizing that the only way out is direct negotiations between the government and opposition in line with the UN Resolution No. 2254, which lays out a plan for a political solution in Syria.

The attendees agreed on the importance of building a “universal national identity” that reflects societal and cultural pluralism and consolidates a diverse national unity.

The participants unanimously agreed that the future Syria should be a democratic pluralistic decentralized country. This is a necessity to build a strong state that would prevent the reproduction of corruption and tyranny, the statement said.

The participants considered the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) a worthy model of study and development, adding that it can be applied in other remained Syrian regions.

All parties agreed that the Kurdish issue in Syria is a “national issue of excellence” and its solution is an urgent task of the national democratic stage.

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