Agriculture in dire situation Syrian Kurdish-controlled regions

According to a Syria Direct report, the lack of communication between the Kurdish self-governing administration in Syria and international and research institutions, climate change, war and pollution have caused a crisis in the agricultural sector, especially the cultivation of some crops such as wheat.

The independent magazine of Syria Direct, which investigates the situation in Syria, has discussed in a detailed report the critical situation of the cultivation of agricultural products in the regions controlled by the Kurds in Syria, which is known as Syria's food basket.

According to the report, one of the causes of the crisis in food supply is the significant decrease in the amount of agricultural products, especially wheat.

This report considers the loss of high-yielding varieties of wheat seeds in these years of war and instability as one of the problems for the production of agricultural products. The Kurdish autonomous region in northeastern Syria has little diplomatic contact with the world outside of Syria, which, according to this magazine, has prevented the Kurds from communicating with research institutions to provide suitable seeds. This issue has led to a noticeable reduction in harvest.

The fighting of the Kurds with ISIS and the non-stop Turkish attacks on these areas have prevented the development of crops. According to this report, the decrease in the amount of water in rivers such as the Euphrates by Turkey and the decrease in precipitation have also contributed to the crisis in agriculture in this region.

However, Mohammad al-Dexil, the Minister of Agriculture of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria, has announced the supply of seeds needed for the current cropping season in this region. He said that 75,000 tons of suitable seeds have been provided to the farmers of this region.

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