Main hurdles on Turkey's renewed attack on Syrian Kurds

Three security experts believe that the main foreign players in Syria, including the United States and Russia, will be the main obstacle to another attack by Turkey in the areas controlled by the Syrian Kurds.

Turkey considered the perpetrators of last week's explosion in Istanbul to be agents close to the Syrian Kurdish forces and has warned against another attack on the Syrian Kurds.

However, three security experts told Al Jazeera that the national interests of the countries involved in the Syrian crisis, especially the United States and Russia, will prevent this attack.

Cukson Bashboq, a retired colonel of the Turkish Intelligence Organization, pointed out that after this explosion, Turkey will not turn it into a full-scale war against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Syrian Kurdish forces, similar to the years 2015-2017, and said: "there are actors like Russia and the United States and the Syrian government that Turkey cannot convince them to attack the Syrian Kurds."

Richard Utzen, a retired colonel of the US Army, said: Although the US understands Turkey's concerns about the Syrian Kurds, this country will prevent it due to the impact of Turkey's possible war with the Kurds on the fight against ISIS.

Khalil Ebrahim al-Bayrak, an expert on security and military issues in Turkey, also pointed out that the presence of American and Russian forces in Syria has turned this country into Turkey's neighbors, and told Al Jazeera: Turkey's possible attack on the Syrian Kurds will also cost the lives of American and Russian forces and endangers and threatens the national interests of both of them. Therefore, at least these two countries will prevent Turkey from attacking the Syrian Kurds again.

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