KDP MP warns embezzlement and terror threatening Kurdistan Region

A representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the Parliament of Kurdistan declared: Those who were always a source of trouble for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) were those who loot the revenues of this land and imported illegally, and they are not afraid of killing people, and they pretend to be innocent because as that people would not talk about their corruption.

According to Basnews, the PUK Leader Bafel Talabani and another member of the party, Sitran Abdullah, have spoken about the wrong dealings of the regional government with the citizens of Sulaimani, Halabja, and Raprin provinces.

In this regard, Ismail Abush, a KDP representative in the Parliament of Kurdistan Region, told Basnews: "The government has not treated the citizens of Sulaimani and Halabja inappropriately. The government deal equally with at all areas in Kurdistan Region and serves them indiscriminately, but what should be done when the tyranny in Sulaimani, Raprin, and Garmian captures the public revenues of the government and at the same time does not allow the government to serve and seizes the money for the projects.

He also said: "The one whose goal is to serve Sulaimani is known, but for the past few years, Bafel Talabani's party, with its monopoly on the said areas, does not allow services to be provided to these areas, and they are looting the revenues of these areas. They do not provide services to the people, those who have brought Sulaimani to this stage are the ones who kill people, steal incomes, threaten and intimidate businessmen, and make young people and businessmen flee from this land, not the regional government.

This representative added: The Minister of Interior has clearly said that he was warned in Sulaimani that if they want to send troops to the border entrances of Sulaimani, a civil war will break out. Very well, when the revenues of this city and border crossings are stolen and services are stopped, why do you blame others?

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